Mayan Health and Education Project

The Mayan Health and Education Project is a project initiated in 2001 by Dr. Ellen Coburn, a family physician practicing in Vancouver, Canada. The project supports medical aid trips to Guatemala and operation of a junior high school in Huixoc, a Mayan village in the mountain highlands near the Mexican border. The project is a member of Rose Charities and is funded entirely by tax-deductible donations, and by contributions of equipment, supplies and services.

Building a school for Huixoc …

Registering students in the new school


Huixoc, Guatemala

Teacher training at the Talita Kumi Institute

Ellen using the new computers at the School


Two eager students at our new school

More photographs of Huixoc and the School are available here


A short description of the project with photos is available here

For the latest update see the following letter .


The latest newsletter is available here which shows the second class to enroll in the local junior high school located in the western highlands of Guatemala.

The previous newsletter is also available here which chronicles the opening of the new school.


Please take a look at the new video describing our work with the Mayan people of Huixoc. The video is about 9 minutes and 30 seconds in duration. A large format version (66MB) is here and a smaller version (26MB) is here . Both videos are encoded in Apple Quicktime MP4 format. A free plugin for Quicktime is available here . Enjoy!

Getting in Contact

There are many ways to get involved. For more info, see our contact page .